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I've managed to set up supervisord with fastcgi on a django project of mine, the problem is that when I make mi program stop, the server keeps running somehow, and my page keeps online.

Here is my supervisord program directive:


Here is my "run" script:


source /var/www/django-projects/helloworld/venv/bin/activate;
/var/www/django-projects/helloworld/manage.py runfcgi \
     daemonize=false \
     host= \

All I want is a way to stop/start/restart this django project using supervisord, hope you can help me.

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1 Answer

try running socketed:

/var/www/django-projects/helloworld/manage.py runfcgi \
         daemonize=false \
         outlog=/desired/path/log/django-fcgi.log \
         socket=/desired/path/var/run/django-run.socket \
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