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I have a VPS with Kloxo control panel, I want to have database backup from one of my websites in every 2 hour. How i can do this? Kloxo doesnt support Hourly backups, only support daily, weekly and monthly.

configuration: CentOS+Apache+PHP+MysqlAdmin

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Write a small script like:

# Do the Backup
CURTIME=`date "+%Y%m%d-%H%M"`

mysqldump --user=<dbusername> --password=<dbpassword> --all-databases | lzma -c -9 -z >/backup/db-${CURTIME}.dump.lzma

and put this to crontab. (It would be easier to run in hourly: then you can just put the script in /etc/cron.hourly.

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Per table db dump and gzip and rsync to some place else:

require 'mysql'

rsyncTargets = [
        ["files1" , "/path/to/backup/dir/"],
        ["files2", "/path/to/backup/dir/"],
        ["files3", "/path/to/backup/dir/"]

tempDir = "/mnt/extra-space"
dumpUser = "root"

`rm -r /mnt/extra-space/*`

con = Mysql.real_connect('localhost',dumpUser,'','')

con.query('show databases').each do |db|
  print " Dumping - " + db[0] + "\n"
  con.query("use #{db[0]}")
  con.query('show tables').each do |table|
    `mysqldump -u #{dumpUser} #{db[0]} #{table[0]} | gzip > #{tempDir}/#{db[0]}/#{table[0]}.sql.gz`

rsyncTargets.each do |server|
  `rsync -av --delete /mnt/extra-space/ rsync://#{server[0]}:#{server[1]}`

Taken from: http://techhelplist.com/index.php/tech-tutorials/42-databases/80-ruby-script-for-mysql-dump-gzip-cron-jobs

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Nice first post. Keep up the good work! –  slm Dec 24 '12 at 1:45

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