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I've managed to configure Fujitsu Eternus dx80 storage (network/RAID group/volume) and from the moment I powered it I get an error message and a warning.

From Event log:

DB010000 DE Intake temperature sensor DE#00 Fault 06A31000 Controller Module#0(iSCSI 1.2GHz) BE Expander Warning

Looking into storage status it says: Intake temp error code 0x0002.

I found info on error in Eternus DX60 S2 Disk Storage System - User's Guide - Operation and it says:

CE intake temperature error or DE intake temperature error (sensor failure) is detected. SS: Component subtype dd: DE-ID ("00" for a controller enclosure)

These messages are notified when "Module was broken" is enabled for Error Severity Level in the event notification setting. They are not notified during maintenance operations.

The other one:

Controller Module#m(zz xxHz) BE Expander Warning CM BE Expander error is detected. SS: Component subtype MM: CM module ID (10 – 11) m: CM number (0 – 1) zz: Model name (FC4G, SAS, or iSCSI) xx: CPU frequency (1.2GHz) pp...: Component number ss...: Serial number rr...: Version

What is there to do?

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Contact Fujitsu support. – Sven Dec 24 '12 at 10:35

That looks like a hardware fault. Have your vendor replace the hardware.

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