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I hope this is the right exchange for this question. I noticed that the site blog hasn't been updated since 2011. Does anyone know if the project itself is still under active development, or have the contributors/creators moved on to other things?

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There is a big contact link on the site you linked. Why don't you just use it instead of asking this on a totally unrelated site? – Sven Dec 24 '12 at 17:17
Ah, maybe because this is where people go to ask questions. But thanks anyway. – Shaun Dec 24 '12 at 17:20
I think you may need to read the FAQ to learn what questions should and should not be asked here. – John Gardeniers Dec 24 '12 at 22:03
And this question doesn't fit those criteria how, exactly? I read the FAQ, I figured this was the best fit 'exchange', and prefaced the question with a comment about hoping I'd found the right one. If not, kindly suggest the correct exchange and I'll happily request this question be moved there. – Shaun Dec 25 '12 at 0:12
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Yes, it is. See this github page.

I consider "last updated 3 days ago" to be under active development.

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