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Possible Duplicate:
nameserver problems with webmin/virtualmin

I'm setting up a shiny new vps with my own nameserver. Fortunately I had a spare domain that I'm using and have registered as a nameserver.

After a struggle, I seem to have it working but when I check two test sites with intoDNS, one appears to work and the other doesn't.

With dig, neither work. The setup for the two is identical other than one being hosted with namecheap and the other with

The urls are:


The nameserver entries for the two sites were repointed 48 hours ago.

I can't figure out what the problem is. Anybody got any ideas?

This is the records file for the nameserver:

    $ttl 38400  IN  SOA (

                38400 )  IN  NS  IN  NS  IN  A   xx.yyy.181.221  IN  A   xx.yyy.181.221  IN  A  IN  A  IN  MX  5 IN  A    IN  A   IN  PTR
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IN A 127.N.N.N is terrible, nightmare, delirium!!!

  1. You must use routable IPs for you hosts if you want to get they reacheable from Net
  2. You must not mix IN PTR and IN A in single zone-file (IN PTR will be ignored in any case)
  3. You can doesn't hide IP of nameservers, because it's open information for domain-name
  4. You have to use (when you can and it's applicable) zone for PTR records in 181.129.78 domain (currently managed by
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