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I have successfully configured a virtual SMTP server in Windows Server 2008 using this guide.

After setting the relay it successfully sent email, but how do I create an email account that can be added to Outlook so that I can start receiving email? I assume the default account is my account name "", but when I add it to Outlook it shows an error.

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When creating Outlook Account for an Exchanger Server, if using email address failed for what ever reason, we can use manual configuration.

There is detail steps here from Microsoft. I will outline below:

  • Basically we are not using autodiscovery (which is base on the email address, which is failing)
  • Start Creating an Outlook profile/account for Exchange as before
  • After you click Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP account and next
  • Check mark Manually configure server settings or additional server types

The rest should be straight forward.

One more note when entering username, it is the WindowsLoginName OR Domain\WindowsLoginName. If first one doesn't work, try the second format.

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