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I have the following parameters set up for the log rotation of a log. size=10M, rotate 800, copytruncate, missingok. 800 rotated files are being created, but many of them are below 10M and some of them are empty with 0 size.

I have a cron setup as * * * * * which runs every minute to do this logrotation. I don't want this, can't understand why it is happening.

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Try this option:

    Do not rotate the log if it is empty (this overrides the ifempty option).


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I tried that too. But still the sizes of the rotated logs are different from one another, instead of all having 10M size, Infact, some are more than 10M. – NixMan Jan 21 '13 at 6:19
@NixMan: They won't have exactly the same size. Just look at the manual: "Log files are rotated when they grow bigger than size bytes. [...]" – 0xFF Jan 25 '13 at 9:44

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