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I am an app developer, with little web site development experience, now having to check some work on a virtual server, All seems to be working fine, but I cannot find where a configuration for a host is [this work was done by a sys admin that is on holiday, so meanwhile I just need some really basic configurations, that if pointed the location I can figure out],

So the server works with Django and PHP, there is already a website on Django, I can see that the host for this site is configured on


like this: 

The problem is that, there is an https hello world sites that I cannot seem to find the host configuration for,

So, where can I find this https configuration?

as noted the hosting works with Django and PHP, so in PHP the configuration should be on?


But there is no such a folder on my $/etc


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It can pretty much be on any location, but the default paths to check would be /var/www/html or /etc/apache2/sites-enabled.

If it's in neither one, try finding that hello.html file for further clues:

find / -name hello.html

The path where that resides should reveal the DocumentRoot and you can then search your server for files containing that path, for instance:

grep -ir '/path/to/docroot' /etc
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