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I am developing a open source application wrapper over OpenVPN library for Android. For that I need to generate openvpn conf file.

I have followed OpenVPN how but did not understand how to generate .conf file on Android.

Is there any way to generate .conf/ .ovpn file locally on Android device ?

I could generate .cert and RSA private key and OpenVPN static key but I am still not clear about generating CA certificate for a particular client.

is there anything ( server side certificate /private key)I need to get from server.

I am still learning certificate based authentication for OpenVPN so my question can be a little naive so please bear with it :)

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You have to write configuration files on your own. OpenVPN server administrator should provide client configuration file. Configuration file for client looks almost the same on Linux/Windows/Android/etc.. For client you have to generate "client certificate", not "CA certificate". Maybe you should read more about PKI (http://bit.ly/YP5dvZ). If you are using certificates for authentication, then client should have configuration file, DH file, CA certificate, private and public client keys to work.

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I have installed hundreds of OpenVPN servers and I never needed a DH file on the Client.

Server needs:

  • dh
  • ca.crt
  • ca.key
  • servername.crt
  • servername.key
  • optional (recommended) ta.key
  • a config file


  • the same ca.crt
  • clientname.crt
  • clientname.key
  • ta.key (if used in the server)
  • client.conf


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