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There is only one network interface in EC2 instance, and in the CloudWatch metric, I can only see "Max Network In" and "Max Network Out".

As you know external traffic is billed (actually only outbound), is it possible to check my out bound traffic so I can easily compute the cost?

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Under metrics, CloudWatch should let you choose 'EC2', which should give a list of instances and their associated metrics. One of these will be 'NetworkOut'. After selecting that, you should be able to choose a statistic - select 'Sum' and '1 day', and change the time period (to the max of 2 weeks). This will show you (on a graph) the total daily outbound traffic from your instance for each of the preceding 14 days. (Note this is insufficient to calculate your bandwidth costs - it is too short a time period, and does not break down transfer by destination). – cyberx86 Dec 30 '12 at 3:35
Just to amend the above - if you pull either daily or weekly CloudWatch stats, then you would have enough information for a decent estimate of bandwidth (or if you use the premium Cloudwatch, which keeps data for a longer time). An indirect solution might be to consider AWS detailed billing which will give you hourly usage and cost statistics. If you don't mind scripting something, you can calculate deltas on your ifconfig (eth0) 'TX bytes'. – cyberx86 Dec 30 '12 at 3:39

You can install iftop in your ubuntu server (sudo apt-get install iftop) then run the command in terminal "iftop"

it will display you all in/out traffic realtime in terminal.

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