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I found this report on the performance of a MySQL server. I would like to be able to generate this report for my own server, but I don't know what tool they used. Does anybody recognise this report? What tool generates it? How can I get that tool for my own use?

MySQL 5.1.55-rel12.6     uptime 150 12:36:47    Fri Dec 28 22:47:24 2012

__ Key _________________________________________________________________
Buffer used    48.23M of 128.00M  %Used:  37.68
  Current      34.21M            %Usage:  26.73
Write hit      51.99%
Read hit       99.23%

__ Questions ___________________________________________________________
Total           1.23G    94.9/s
  QC Hits     680.35M    52.3/s  %Total:  55.11
  DMS         291.77M    22.4/s           23.63
  Com_        228.64M    17.6/s           18.52
  COM_QUIT     41.30M     3.2/s            3.35
  -Unknown      7.42M     0.6/s            0.60
Slow          370.01k     0.0/s            0.03  %DMS:   0.13
DMS           291.77M    22.4/s           23.63
  SELECT      227.72M    17.5/s           18.44         78.05
  UPDATE       31.36M     2.4/s            2.54         10.75
  INSERT       24.80M     1.9/s            2.01          8.50
  DELETE        7.86M     0.6/s            0.64          2.69
  REPLACE      18.86k     0.0/s            0.00          0.01
Com_          228.64M    17.6/s           18.52
  set_option   88.38M     6.8/s            7.16
  change_db    60.14M     4.6/s            4.87
  show_fields  20.40M     1.6/s            1.65

__ SELECT and Sort _____________________________________________________
Scan           83.00M     6.4/s %SELECT:  36.45
Range          22.34M     1.7/s            9.81
Full join       1.80M     0.1/s            0.79
Range check   125.05k     0.0/s            0.05
Full rng join  88.66k     0.0/s            0.04
Sort scan      16.69M     1.3/s
Sort range     11.50M     0.9/s
Sort mrg pass 218.26k     0.0/s

__ Query Cache _________________________________________________________
Memory usage  200.85M of 256.00M  %Used:  78.46
Block Fragmnt  11.84%
Hits          680.35M    52.3/s
Inserts       185.39M    14.3/s
Insrt:Prune    2.80:1     9.2/s
Hit:Insert     3.67:1

__ Table Locks _________________________________________________________
Waited        746.00k     0.1/s  %Total:   0.23
Immediate     322.78M    24.8/s

__ Tables ______________________________________________________________
Open             1024 of 1024    %Cache: 100.00
Opened         35.78M     2.8/s

__ Connections _________________________________________________________
Max used          501 of  500      %Max: 100.20
Total          41.31M     3.2/s

__ Created Temp ________________________________________________________
Disk table     30.66M     2.4/s
Table          66.55M     5.1/s
File          434.52k     0.0/s

__ Threads _____________________________________________________________
Running             1 of    4
Cached             47 of   50      %Hit:  99.90
Created        41.94k     0.0/s
Slow                0       0/s

__ Aborted _____________________________________________________________
Clients        28.59k     0.0/s
Connects      721.20k     0.1/s

__ Bytes _______________________________________________________________
Sent           10.67T  820.4k/s
Received      258.58G   19.9k/s

__ InnoDB Buffer Pool __________________________________________________
Usage         383.97M of 383.98M  %Used: 100.00
Read ratio      0.004
  Free              1            %Total:   0.00
  Data         23.89k                     97.20 %Drty:   0.00
  Misc            688                      2.80
  Latched                                  0.00
Reads           3.58G   275.6/s
  From file    13.53M     1.0/s            0.38
  Ahead Rnd                 0/s
  Ahead Sql                 0/s
Writes        169.24M    13.0/s
Flushes         4.56M     0.4/s
Wait Free           0       0/s

__ InnoDB Lock _________________________________________________________
Waits            6522     0.0/s
Current             0
Time acquiring
  Total       8432082 ms
  Average        1292 ms
  Max          121611 ms

__ InnoDB Data, Pages, Rows ____________________________________________
  Reads        13.74M     1.1/s
  Writes        7.41M     0.6/s
  fsync         3.10M     0.2/s
    Reads           0
    Writes          0
    fsync           0

  Created     478.58k     0.0/s
  Read         22.11M     1.7/s
  Written       4.56M     0.4/s

  Deleted      10.34M     0.8/s
  Inserted     20.64M     1.6/s
  Read          2.50G   192.4/s
  Updated       1.61M     0.1/s

(Note: this question is a repost of How Do I get This Mysql Report in windows Server Can Any One Pls Help me Thanks in advance [closed] on StackOverflow. It's out of scope there, and poorly worded; but with revisions I think it's a good ServerFault question. I'm channeling the original poster, VVL on StackOverflow.)

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I just confirmed that this output is in fact from the mysqlreport tool. It's available from the the following website,, but I believe it to be available in most Linux repositories as a standard offering. It was available in the EPEL repository, for example, for CentOS and Fedora Linux distros.

mysqlreport is just a Perl script which makes connections to a MySQL DB and collects information such as SHOW STATUS and SHOW GLOBAL STATUS for example and then prints it out in a nicer format.

There are the following resources available:

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I think this is the output from mysqlreport, a piece of code which makes the output from the SHOW STATUS command easier to understand.

Here is The Guide To Understanding mysqlreport. It includes content like what you show in your question.

(Note: I first posted this answer to the original question at StackOverflow, but the question was closed as being out of scope. This answer follows the question in migrating to ServerFault.)

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I just confirmed this on my CentOS 5.x system that mysqlreport is definitely the tool that was used to create that output. – slm Dec 29 '12 at 22:39
@slm thanks for the confirmation. If you want, write a good full answer saying this, with links and all. I'll accept it as the answer to the original poster's question. – Jim DeLaHunt Dec 29 '12 at 23:55

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