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I'd like to know a tool to programmatically measure, in KB/s, the load that each IP applies to a server.

So far, tcpdump does a good job at telling me the amount of packets sent per second, but I believe many are not shown (Downloading at 350KB/s while only outputting 150 packets per second).

Am I doing this the right way? iftop would be PERFECT for this but I need a program that can be interfaced via stdout (without ncurses).

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you can use tshark (it's a part of wireshark).


tshark -q -z conv,tcp


tshark -q -z conv,udp


tshark -q -z conv,ip

after send ctrl+c you will get something like this

enter image description here

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Fits my needs precisely, thank you very much! – Daniel S Jan 4 '13 at 23:01

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