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I have a load balancer listing on TCP port 6379 on ELB.

I have a redis sec group that only allows amazon-elb/sg-843f59ed (amazon-elb-sg), and another sec group called frontend_servers.

6379    amazon-elb/sg-xxxxx (amazon-elb-sg)
6379    sg-xxxxxx (frontend_server)

I would like to keep private and I dont want to use passwords for redis. I also do not want to use VPC. to I secure redis to load balance slaves but yet only my front end servers be allowed to read and write to read. As of now, I can log into redis from any machine using the elb. can anyone else. Its disheartening to think that aws does not allow the ability to secure elb.

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You MUST use a VPC to setup security groups on a LB. Not what you want to hear but it's the current limitations on AWS/ELB.

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