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I have changed time zone of my server to Asia/Kolkata in WHM by going to the following path:

Home > Server Configuration > Server Time

But still my website is showing timezone as America/Denver when I check it using PHP.

I have pasted the following code in test.php file in public_html directory of my domain.

     echo 'Time zone is: '.date('e');
     echo 'Time zone is: '.date_default_timezone_get(); 

I have 3 websites on my server, all of them having the same problem. What should be done to get the time zone same as WHM in all websites?

Two solutions can be to set a default timezone using PHP or .htaccess. But I want to know why default timezone is not showing as Asia/Kolkata even if server timezone is set to Asia/Kolkata in WHM.

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You need to edit your php.ini (you can look for it under "PHP Configuration Editor" in WHM or manually at /usr/local/lib/php.ini) and set date.timezone = "Asia/Kolkata"

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