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I am using a powershell script to make some exporting from various Exchange mailboxes. The main point consists of creating a profile for each affected mailbox and invoke outlook.exe /importPRF customprofile.prf and so on. The main logic and everything works fine, but one problem occurs: If usernames are prefixes of one another (say I have "Foo" and "Foobar") then the profile for the shorter ("Foo") interrupts the automated script and instead a dialog window pops up whether I want to have "Foo" or "Foobar". The name enters into the profile file customprofile.prf in form of MailboxName lines

[Service List]
ServiceEGS1=Exchange Global Section
Service1=Microsoft Exchange Server

What can be done so that no Foo vs. Foobar question pops up? In other words: It seems that "Foo" is really interpreted as something like a regex "/Foo.*/". How to make "Foo" really stand for "/^Foo$/" (though of course no regexes can be entered there)

(In case it is important: the usernames are the SamAccountName taken from Active Directory)

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I know it looks weird, but in order to avoid the ANR (automatic Name Recognition) you have to prefix the mailboxname with an equals sign =

For example

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Excellent! Works like a charm. – Hagen von Eitzen Jan 8 '13 at 8:19

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