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Is there any elegant way to remove email addresses from users using automation, Powershell or Exchange Email Address Policies? The platform in question is Exchange 2007.

I would like to modify email addresses of departed users so that their address would become DEPARTED.firstname.lastname@domain.local or something similar, removing their old firstname.lastname@domain.tld type addresses.

This article (Serverfault; Exchange 2010) suggests addresses are only addded using Email Address Policies, so i assume i'll have to use some other method. Suggestions? Elegant suggestions?

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Here's a PowerShell script to get you started:

$users = get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit disabled

foreach ($user in $users) {
    $newaddresses = @()
    foreach ($address in $user.emailaddresses) {
        $newaddresses += "SMTP:disabled." + $address.smtpaddress
    foreach ($address in $newaddresses) {
    set-mailbox -identity $user.identity -emailaddresses $user.emailaddresses
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ADModify can easily accomplish this:

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