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Anyone know of a (free online or free linux-based) tool that can export a Diagram (Network Diagram) to HTML and link Hosts / Devices to its IP / Services ? E.g. If I had a router item, and I specify its IP with access via SSH, if I click on that host, i'd like it to start the default ssh client to that IP address...

Would be great if anyone can let me know?

Thanks Alex

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I don't know of anything for Linux that will generate a diagram (aside from much larger software packages like Zenoss, Zabbix, and Nagios).

Out of the box, Nmap can generate a decent report of all ports/services running on a network.

  1. Scan network and format result as XML:

    $ sudo nmap -sV -oX scan.xml
  2. Convert to HTML page (using XSL stylesheet distributed with nmap):

    $ xsltproc scan.xml > scan.html

Creating a custom XSL stylesheet (nmap --stylesheet option), you should be able to create a list of hosts and clickable service links.

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One option, with some effort, is to use nagios for this.

Check this nice diagrams to see if is good for your purpose.

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