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Hi I have made a rather nooberish fuckup and don't know how.

In a file in ssh on my centos cpanel server i have changed a entry resulting in the following

  • cpanel showing up at https://domain.com:2083/ instead of https://voyager.domain.com:2083/

  • whm showing up at https://domain.com:2087/ instead of https://voyager.domain.com:2087/

can anyone advise me what files this could have been?

The hostname is set right in the whm panel and all other services function correctly.

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I don't know what you did, but you can do this in order to access WHM/cPanel using https://voyager.domain.com:2087 / https://voyager.domain.com:2087.

Add a CNAME or A record for the subdomain voyager.domain.com.

  • If you are proceeding with CNAME, use voyager.domain.com as a CNAME for domain.com.
  • If you are proceeding with A record, use your servers IP as the A record for voyager.domain.com.
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