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On Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, I'm using the stock rsyslog configuration and added a custom file in /etc/rsyslog.d with the following contents:

# cat /etc/rsyslog.d/62-pc 
local3.debug    /var/log/pc/debug.log
local3.*    /var/log/pc/main.log

The two referenced files exist and the files and containing directory are readable and writable by the syslog user. Yet, the only place I find the messages is /var/log/syslog. /var/log/pc/main.log is empty.

In addition, the messages in /var/log/syslog.

I've checked that the program from which the messages originate is not the cause of these troubles: the problem also occurs with the logger command.

What can be wrong here?

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Does your rsylog config have a statement to include/process this directory?

$IncludeConfig /etc/rsyslog.d/

Or the specific file you wish;

$IncludeConfig /etc/rsyslog.d/62-pc

Under Red Hat, Rsyslog defaults to including just files ending in .conf. You may need to edit this line under Ubuntu as well. If your line looks like this, it won't include a file named 62-pc.

$IncludeConfig /etc/rsyslog.d/*.conf
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You earned your bounty! Thanks a lot. edit: it will have to wait 24 hours – jd. Jan 8 '13 at 22:06

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