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I have a global rsnapshot config file for all machines that we backup. The global file has

ssh_args -p 123

The machine specific files include the global config file and tries to override the port:

include_conf    /etc/rsnapshot-common.conf
ssh_args    -p 456

This does not work, I get the error:

global ssh_args can only be set once, but is already set. Perhaps you wanted to use a per-backup-point ssh_args instead.

So it knows what I want to do, but it doesn't tell me how to do it! The man page doesn't mention any way of doing this either. How do I change the port after its been set globally?

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The rsnapshot man page seems to imply that you add the per-backup-point arguments as a comma separated list after the destination, the example they give is

backup /var/ localhost/ one_fs=1

This is the same as the other examples, but notice the fourth column. This is how you specify per-backup-point options to over-ride global settings. This extra parameter can take several options, separated by commas.

so I guess you would use

backup /var/ localhost/ ssh_args=-p456
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Thanks! It looks like this is the syntax backup /var/ localhost/ ssh_args=-p456 – Nick Jan 4 '13 at 20:17

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