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I have a number of W3WP processes running. Consuming excessive amount of memory. It doesn't seem normal.

  • One process is for MSExchangePowerShellAppPool and is using average 1.1GB of ram. Making it second highest memory hog behind store.exe
  • Second process is for MSExchangeECPAppPool and is using average of 500mb of ram.

2008 r2

Exchange 2010

14 databases

Average DB Size range from 30gb to 80gb

Any thoughts from someone with similar system?

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It's hard to understand what your question is...especially if the question is "is this normal" since everyone's environment is somewhat unique.


For me, with Exchange 2010, 2008R, 8 databases with sizes between 30GB and 300GB:

Edge Transport is right behind store.exe @ 745MB.

MSExchangePowerShellAppPool is right behind that @ 560MB.

MsExchangeECPAppPool is right behind that @ 375MB.

So if that helps gauge your answer...great!

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It does, it indicates to me that those two app pools are using a excessive amount of ram. From my experience they use much less. – Sarge Jan 4 '13 at 20:11
Would like to add that recycling the Application Pools in IIS for those two services fixed the problem. – Sarge Jan 4 '13 at 20:20

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