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Sending output from php script called from bash script to syslog

Im trying to create a bash script (to be called by a cron job) which calls a php file (which I have not made). Calling the php file is easy enough. The php script output a lot of stuff to stdout and I would like to redirect the output from the php script to logger so that I can monitor the progress in my remote syslog server.

I've tried something like:

ME=basename $0

LOGGER="logger -p cron.notice -t $ME"

php the_php_script.php &> eval $LOGGER

Also tried:
php the_php_script.php | eval $LOGGER
But neither work.

Another possible solution I've considered is to pipe the output from the php script to a log file, and then have another bash script read that file and write each line to a logger. But I would like to have one script which does everything :)

Can anyone please help?

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I'd look if there isn't a syslog client implementation in php first and use logger if there's none : That will allow you to control logging line per line inside the_php_script.php; edit : – user130370 Jan 5 '13 at 20:56
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Your calls to logger are failing because $LOGGER isn't the command. Try this instead:

LOGGER_OPTS="-p cron.notice -t $ME"

php whatever.php | $LOGGER $LOGGER_OPTS
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Wow, that was a fast reply And it even works! Thanks a lot :) – Lonos Jan 5 '13 at 21:02

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