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I'm attempting to teach myself how to work with Windows Server 2012. I installed the Windows Deployment Service using a Windows 8 (x64) iso file. Installing this on my client machine is actually pretty easy once I setup my BIOS to boot over the network (PXE).

The part I'm stuck at is how to get the client machine to install connected to my domain.

  • Are there any blog posts that step-by-step this?
  • Any additional roles I need to install on my server (I have WDS, AD DS, DNS)?
  • Any additional tools that need to be downloaded/installed on the server?


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Have you read the WDS documentation on TechNet? It's pretty thorough, including sample unattend files. – MDMarra Jan 6 '13 at 20:19
@MDMarra: I'm new to this, so no I did not. I did a Google search on "Windows 8 WDS on domain" but I can't find these TechNet articles you are referring to? – michael Jan 6 '13 at 20:30
Googling "WDS Windows 8 unattended Technet" returns the Getting Started Guide for WDS on Windows Server 2012 which is pretty much the start-to-finish resource for getting started with this. Really, everything from Microsoft is well documented. If you haven't read the official Microsoft documentation for a product before you ask a question about it, you need to go read it first. – MDMarra Jan 6 '13 at 20:32

How can I deploy Windows 8 Pro over WDS so that it is already connected to my domain?

After you read the documentation that I linked to in the comments, you should have an unattended file linked to your WDS install image. The <UnattendedJoin> section of that answer file is where you can input credentials that are used to join the client to the domain as part of the imaging process.

Are there any blog posts that step-by-step this?

Sure, the WDS docs on TechNet (the official source for Microsoft documentation) covers this very thoroughly. And the WAIK documentation covers advanced configurations.

Any additional roles I need to install on my server (I have WDS, AD DS, DNS)?

If you plan on PXE booting, you need a DHCP server somewhere, but not necessarily on the WDS server. Your WDS server also doesn't have to be a DC. In fact, I'd separate those two roles if at all possible.

Any additional tools that need to be downloaded/installed on the server?

No, but WAIK and WSIM (part of WAIK) are commonly used on a client machine to customize the unattend file and install images. You can install this on the server if you want, but I never bother.

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I know this question is closed, and MDMarra provides a lot of good information – however, I wanted to let you know that WAIK was replaced by the [Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit]( (WADK) for Windows 8. Also, for future reference, a great location for helpful deployment information is the [Windows 8 page]( of the Springboard Series on TechNet, which is designed to help IT Professionals to find the resources that they need to prepare and perform OS deployments. – WinOutreach4 Jan 7 '13 at 15:30
Oh, I didn't realize that WAIK had been replaced in Windows 8 (you can tell my W8 experience in the enterprise so far) :) Good to know! – MDMarra Jan 7 '13 at 15:31

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