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been working on this for past 1 week now, no break.

So I have this local network with IP range to

I have a apache server running on on port 80

So I set up a NAT Virtual host in my router. Router setting

Then I restarted the router (NOTE: the settings remained unaltered after restart) and then tried to access by typing in my external IP 122.174.*.170 which I took from

but the router itself is responding to the call, and the request is not getting routed to the server on my LAN.

Router responds

So what have I done wrong, and how can i fix it, totally confuses me.

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Are you on the network when you try to use the external IP address? – Edwin Jan 7 '13 at 20:47
yes i am in the same local network as the server – blas Jan 8 '13 at 7:46
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The response to a request sent from a machine on the network to the DNATed public IP (122.174.*.170) of a server on the network is dropped, because it comes back addressed from the internal address (, an address that the machine did not make a request to. Some routers have a setting that would allow you to send all such traffic through the router to avoid this problem. A cheap router would probably not do it.

A work-around:

  • Setup separate DNS servers - one external, and one internal. The internal dns would point your domain name to You can also just modify the host file on each internal machine.
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