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How can I get this to work?

Hours of configuring - and no result. Is that possible at all?

P.S. UDP broadcasts are needed by old games for LAN play.

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Removed "belongs-on-superuser" tag -- this is a networking question with a VPN server, and belongs here. – Karl Katzke Aug 10 '09 at 12:14

Are you using TAP devices?

To communicate by broadcast, all participants need to be in the same broadcast domain.

This requires bridging.

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UDP Broadcasts are not forwarded to another interface then the main one. U are fine using UDP as protocol for OpenVPN. TCP would create to much traffic for playing games.

For finding games using openvpn i wrote a tool that clones udp broadcasts from the main interface to the other existing ones.

That makes you find most LAN-Games. Make sure your IP-Range of the VPN is set to some cause some games restrict hosts in LAN from different IPs.

I just released a stable version of the tool we are using. i you still need something to solve you problem check out link this link.


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Make sure that the "client-to-client" option is turned on in the server config.

Also, you probably want to be running in bridged mode, not routed.

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You may also want to configure OpenVPN to transmit over TCP instead of UDP.

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