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I'm trying to build an updated monitoring server, using the current version of the Chef nagios cookbook (3.1). It installs nagios-3.4.3 from source on my Ubuntu VM.

But I don't find any evidence of the check_nrpe command on the server, so all of my remote checks fail with "(Return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing)".

I don't find anything in the recipe documentation or the source code for the cookbook that would include the check_nrpe plugin.

Anyone have a tip for me?

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I'm thinking it might have to do with installing nagios from source, rather than packages. Not sure yet. – Mojo Jan 8 '13 at 21:32

The source install for nagios does not install the nrpe plugin.

I've written an update to do the source install, and I'll submit a patch to the cookbook.

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Hmm, I guess the cookbook has changed since last I looked. You can't use the nagios::client_package recipe? You probably will need to change the install_method attribute, as the nagios::client includes either package or source install recipes. Here's the relevant line from nagios::client:

include_recipe "nagios::client_#{node['nagios']['client']['install_method']}"

where the client_package recipe just does this:

}.each do |pkg|
  package pkg

which will install the nagios-nrpe-server Ubuntu package as well as the standard plugins.

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Yep, that is indeed the thing. Apparently the default nagios install method for Ubuntu 10 is from source. I'm okay with that. I just completed a patch that will do the source install for nrpe alongside the nagios server, so I've solved the problem. – Mojo Jan 8 '13 at 22:53

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