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I'm using Coldfusion 10 to build a SOAP webservice, I am running on IIS 7.5, Coldfusion connects to a standalone Java Tomcat server via the AJP 1.3 connector.

I'm hitting what seems to be a 4-8KB limit on the size of SOAP requests that my server will accept, if it goes over that limit the connection is reset - no error is shown.

I've tried a few things, first I ensured it was a size limit, adding a sleep for 30s yielded the same results so then I tried:

  1. Coldfusion Max POST size data set to a high value
  2. IIS server configuration - system.web/httpRuntime.maxRequestLength -> maxInt and security.requestFilter.maxAllowedContentLength
  3. Apache Tomcat: conf/server.xml - AJP 1.3 Connector maxPostSize/maxSavePostSize value -> 2MB
  4. Changing the Axis2.xml from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/1.0 to force disabling of transfer-encoding "chunked" - I read this may be a security feature against DDOS attacks
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