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I need a nudge in the right direction with this:

I got Fortigate device with FortiOS4.0 with enabled FortiGuard web filter. I block a category, let's say "freeware download" (example). Now, sites that - FortiGuard decides - serve freeware download are blocked. However, I want to permit one specific, say "" for all users. So I enter administrative override for domain, with scope "profile" (whole profile), allowed off-site links.

Now, is accessible. However, "" is still blocked. I could add another override, but this site also uses bunch of other subdomains (, I want to permit ALL subdomains of "". I tried to add wildcarded override (*, but subdomains still keep getting blocked!

How to add administrative override for domain and ALL its subdomains?

I'm sure I am missing some small detail, thanks to all for help.

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So, after research and consulting Fortinet support, I know the solutions.

It needs to be done wia URL filter. You need to head to UTM > URL filter, add a filter and for required domain add select "Exempt" (not "Allow") for action.

If you enter "", then all subdomains are permitted too.

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