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Our IT department is sometimes tasked with training users in using certain software. Is there a good and inexpensive (Free??) utility for recording Windows screens to do training videos for users? Using Windows as the base OS, outputs screen captures as a .mov or .mp4, maybe? Would like to add voiceover/audio as well if possible.

What is typically used by other sysadmins and IT departments short of aiming a camcorder at a screen?

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There are some similar related questions on

if you're looking for a free software, consider uTIPu or Wink. I personally recommend a very powerful, commercial software: Camtasia Studio.

P.S.: if you need the beta-password, it is "ewok.adventure".

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I also recommend Wink. – J.Zimmerman Jul 27 '09 at 15:31

I've used CamStudio for a few simple recordings and liked it. It's no cost and open source. I don't know how "supported" it really is anymore, but once I had the AVI files I wanted I was happy... >smile<

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CamStudio is ok, Camtasia Studio pretty much sets the bar.

However, the guys that do Camtasia Studio have a free/low cost product that I think rocks.

The product is

It is free to use, and if you want to upgrade the cost is really low.

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Mashable has a list of a few free and commercial programs that you can look at.

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