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I'm looking for a simple web based download / file management application with the following features:

  • categories
  • custom fields (date and multi line text fields were missing from most ones I tested so far)
  • screenshots for downloads
  • multiple users (ideally ACLs for categories)
  • download URL may be on another server

Platform does not matter that much, although a standard scripting language (PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl) and MySQL would mean less adaptions.

The ones I could find were either too simplistic, i.e. a better version of apache's directory listing, solutions one step away from Typo 3 or not touched within a few years.

Thanks & ciao, Elmar Weber

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OK, did some more searching and finally found one that fulfills all requirements:

It has all features plus a ton more, but its admin interface is a little confusing.

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