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It is my first time to use Amazon EC2 linux micro instance with OS Ubuntu 12.04

[inside the box]

I noticed it did not have Apache installed by default, so I did sudo apt-get install apache2. after installation there is the /var/www directory, and I verified the apache 2 is running

and when I did "curl http:// localhost:80" it successfully returned content in /var/www/index.html

[outside the box]

however, when I type the public DNS name into browser, it gets a page not found error

any possible solutions? thanks in advance!

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Sounds like you forgot to add an allowance for TCP port 80 requests inbound in the security group for that server.

Here's some info on EC2 security group config

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works perfectly! thanks a lot! –  Matthew Yang Jan 10 '13 at 2:41

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