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I have 3 computers and all have centos version 6.3. Now I want to set up "LAN
Connection" between these 3 computers. But nothing happened and no help found regarding "Setting Up Lan consisting three or more computers running centOS6.3".

I have changed my host name as mac1, mac2 and mac3 and their corresponding static ip address is, and Now if I deploy a application on tomcat server in mac1 system and when try to access this application from browser of mac2 system by typing this address "" then error comes "OOPS Object not found". here is ipaddress of mac1 in which application has deployed 8657 is port no tomcat of mac1 and One is application name.

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If you are able to ping each other from each hosts, there is no issue in LAN connection.

Actually, your error message OOPS Object not found is not likely a LAN related issue.

It is better to check your tomcat logs in

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