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We run Crystal Reports XI R2. We tried to install MAS 90/200 onto the server in order to install the MAS90 ODBC drivers so that we could run reports that use this data.

After rebooting the server, we get a dialog box that says smerrlog.dll could not be found, and the Crystal Reports PageServer does not start. In addition, the Administrator account could not login to Infoview.

In troubleshooting the Administrator issue, we found that CMS_Alaises5 had two records for Administrator, one for the CR Administrator, and one for the domain\Administrator, we removed the domain\Administrator, but logging in as Administrator gives a security snap in error.

We have uninstalled MAS, but still see the above issues. We have tried doing a Repair Installation from the original CD's but this has not resolved the issue.

Many of the SAP pages that come up in Google are no longer active.

System Details: Windows Server 2003 Crystal Reports XI R2 Mas 90 V4.40

UPDATE: I suspect that the issue is related to MAS installing a different version of Crystal Reports Designer. Every hit I see on google about smerrlog.dll seems to talk about designer. I'm going to try re-installing designer.

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SInce Administrator worked in CMC, but not Infoview or Designer, I was able to create another user with Admin rights, which allowed me to pull down recently changed reports. Then I had our system engineer rollback to a previous snapshot (it runs on VMware) so we are back in business, I just need to republish and reschedule the recent reports. – BillN Jan 11 '13 at 16:45
I'd still like to know what the MAS install did, as at some point I need to install the SOTAMAS ODBC drivers to allow me to automate the reporting. – BillN Jan 11 '13 at 16:46

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