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When mounting images with the wonderful kpartx in verbose mode it displays some, likely very useful, information:

# kpartx -av wheezy_cln.img 
add map loop0p1 (252:2): 0 131072 linear /dev/loop0 2048
add map loop0p2 (252:3): 0 7825408 linear /dev/loop0 133120

I can guess, but does anyone know exactly what these numbers are?

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  • loop0p1: device mapper name
  • (252:2): major:minor of the device
  • 0: starting block of the map (I've never seen anything else than 0)
  • 131072: size of the device in blocks
  • /dev/loop0: parent device
  • 2048: starting block (block 0 of loop0p1 is block 2048 of loop0)

Also see dmsetup table DEVICE

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Very nice! Thanks. – Peter Krnjevic Jan 16 '13 at 22:27

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