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I have a Verizon USB 3G modem that I want the connection to automatically start with on boot. In my Debian based system in /etc/network/interfaces I have the following:

auto ppp0
iface ppp0 inet ppp
 provider verizon

When it's booting, everything appears to be working as I see TTYACM0 acquiring the network address from my modem. However, when I ifconfig, my ppp0 interface does not appear, thus it appears that ppp has not been configured. Manually running pppd call verizon from the terminal successfully intiates the connection. Why is it not working on bootup?

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you can try pre-up option and call your command there. like this:

auto ppp0
iface ppp0 inet ppp
 provider verizon
pre-up pppd call verizon
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