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Title says it all. I removed a number of users who are no longer here, they don't show up in AD, or EMC, but when I run Get-MailboxStatistics, they are still there. It's annoying because some of their mailboxes are 10+GB.

Additionally, I know that some users have gone in and deleted 5-10GB of data from their Outlook folders, but Get-MailboxStatistics doesn't reflect this. Any idea why? How to sync them up?

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Are they disconnected users that haven't been deleted until the 30 days is up?

Powershell Disconnected Mailboxes Exchange 2007

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The ones that have deleted large chunks of their mail are active users. They went into large mail and clearly deleted GB's of data. The others, I removed from Exchange and AD, but they still show up. It hasn't been 30 days yet though, so maybe that is part of it? – McB Jan 11 '13 at 19:01

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