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Note: This question is about my server configuration giving 504 timeouts.

I made a project here (requires auth with GitHub to sign in). Please be kind, I'm working on to learn Lamp(erl)

I used a

  • Micro Instance (w/ free tier) Amazon EC2 server
  • Amazon Linux, perl.
  • I used the Dancer framework
  • CGI configuration to host it.
  • I have a virtual host conf in apache (with a sites-enabled folder and the conf file, and my site sits under /srv/www/

If you haven't guessed, it's a rudimentary IDE, you can write some basic perl script with print commands and run it and see the output. I'm using the module currently.

The Problem:

It usually takes forever to load. There are a number of JS files, half of which result in a 504. The site barely loads on the first go. Here is what firebug sees:

TryPerl Net on Firefox.

I'm a total linux/apache newbie here. What am I doing wrong? My config with mod_perl earlier behaved way better, so I'm sure it's not my server.

Is it the CGI configuration? Should I used nginx on the front for static files? Can I do that with my configuration?

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Why the close votes? This is about my apache config and not about programming. – gideon Jan 12 '13 at 15:58
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So I managed to get everything running pretty beautifully after installing nginx.

Seems like Dancer/Apache/CGI is just no good for serving static files.

This article is about configuring nginx it on debian, which gives some config clues. But, since I was on Amazon Linux which is Red Hat this article helped me out. (You use $releasever as 6 when following the article)

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