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I am going to make my website live on AWS servers and 100% of intended website audience will be from India only. As amazon offers you to get services from various zones, I was wondering is there any substantial difference in performance and page fetch time if I choose my server to be in North Virginia or in Asia Pacific?

I have read somewhere that more the server is near a client's computer, more fast the webpage loads on his machine. As number of hops between client's machine and server gets reduced.

If that is the case then Amazon offers three places in Asia Pacific(Singapore, Tokyo, Sidney) out of which Asia Pacific(Singapore) is the nearest place near India. Should I take server in Singapore only or I can choose any location?

Please suggest me?

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It should cost you only a few US cents to start a VM in each region and test it for yourself. –  Michael Hampton Jan 13 '13 at 6:28
@MichaelHampton: Yeah, that could be the last option I have, but still I am looking for suggestions from people already having experience with such things. –  Abhi Jan 13 '13 at 6:29
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I am running a website whose traffic is totally from India only and tested various options.

If the traffic is from India only, just go for Singapore Zone in Asia Pacific region.

The latency from their is minimum and will vary somewhere around 70-120ms (measure from Delhi, India).

Though you would have to pay some extra bucks comparative to N. Virginia Region, but it's worth it.

The latency from N. Virginia region will be somewhere around 250-350 ms.

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The Amazon AWS availability zones are listed here. This list can be updated at any time, so this is a snapshot.

enter image description here

If you're serving traffic to India, it makes sense to place your systems in the Asia Pacific availability zone, if for no reason than latency. The path to Northern Virginia is far more complex, and you'd be bypassing the European Union region, which would be a better choice than anything in the United States.

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Just an FYI: That's a map of AWS regions, not availability zones. Each region is composed of 2 - 5 availability zones. –  jamieb Jan 14 '13 at 0:45
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I dont know but if you hook up your site to a CDN that have nodes in India it will probably make the choice of AWS region even less important and make a real performance boost.

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