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I'm converting an organization to Exchange from an older Linux-based Sendmail/Dovecot POP3 setup. In an attempt to ease the transition, I'd like to leverage Outlook Web App to help acclimate users to the concepts of server-based mail.

One of the issues I've encountered in training is the default Conversation View setting in OWA. This collapses/threads messages in a way that is extremely confusing for the users in this environment. Changing this setting individually is easy, as detailed below...

Is there a way to disable this view or deselect it as the default organization-wide?

enter image description here

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According to this thread in which a MSFT PFE chimed in - you can't.

Brian Day, an Exchange PFE, says:

You cannot disable it for everyone at this time. I would suggest asking the users to give it a good month of use, and give it an honest chance.

Conversation view may takes some time for some people to figure out, but the majority of the time people end up being far more productive with it. Lots of real life people studies went into observing how people were productivity-wise with and without it before making it the default view.

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