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I am migrating a server I inherited; it has a signed certificate.

The server is a "LERP"-stack (Linux Nginx Rails Passenger). The previous maintainer stored the certificates under /etc/nginx/; I doubt this is the convential place to store them, in Ubuntu or Debian.

But where should I store them? I have:

nginx, running as www-data, needs read-access to these files.

I currently not running a mailserver or proxy server, but I would assume a the "preferred place" to store the certificates on a Debian or Ubuntu server would be somewhere where Dovecot or Squid and such, have access to the certs too; if they are implemented.

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If nginx is the only thing requiring the certificates running on that box, I doesn't feel particularly wrong to me to keep the files in the /etc/nginx hierarchy. Certainly, anyone interested can look at the configuration file in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled to find the location of the cert and key.

If there are other services, Ubuntu should be providing an /etc/ssl hierarchy if you've installed certain packages:

$ dpkg -S /etc/ssl
ca-certificates-java, openssl, ca-certificates: /etc/ssl
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