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SSL certificates by default have line breaks after 67 characters. I'm trying to create SSL certificate files using Chef. Essentially I want to create the entire certificate file from a string variable without any line breaks. I've tried this a few times to no avail (Apache complains about not being able to find certificate).

I don't see why line breaks in an SSL cert would be necessary. Any ideas if it's possible to have a cert without any line breaks in the file?


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No, the certificate won't be handled properly without the line breaks - software will fail to parse it.

If you're trying to pass it in a string, why not just include them in it? (\n)

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Yep, should have thought of that. Using the \n character works. Thanks! – DrewVS Jan 13 '13 at 20:50

The line length, and so the line breaks, are due to 64-bit encoding used in the certificate files: see this Wikipedia article, for instance,

Put newline characters (\n) into your string variable, instead.

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