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I have built a freenas based NAS. It's configured correctly, but how i force windows to automount on login with specific credentials?

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"Connect using different credentials.."

You have done a very simple Google search for this.

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In my answer I'm assuming that you want to mount that as a network drive as drive M:

Open a command prompt (start -> run -> cmd.exe) and Issue the followin command:


Make sure to replace the %SERVER%, %SHARENAME%, %USER% and %PASSWORD% with the correct values.

This will cause the M: drive to be mounted upon login.

The other option, is to write a simple batch script to test if it's mounted, if not, remount. If you need a script example - let me know.

Note that if you script this, you'll need to provide the password in the batch file or use Credentials Manager.

Hope that works for you (under the assumption I made) Idan.

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