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Title says it all: from which version onward is the LimitRequestFieldSize no longer hardcoded to a max. of 8k?

It seems 2.2.15 is still affected.

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Ok, so it turns out that it works in 2.2, but you need to increase the max AJP packet size if you have a Tomcat behind it and use mod_proxy_ajp, or else it will still give a 400 Bad Request.

Specifically, set this in Apache:

LimitRequestFieldSize 65536
ProxyIOBufferSize 65536

and this in Tomcat server.xml on the ajp connector:


Only setting LimitRequestFieldSize won't do the trick!

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Remember to mark your answer as accepted if you're done – Daniel S Mar 4 '15 at 4:08
Regarding where to set in Apache:… – sactiw May 5 at 9:58

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