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I have following setup of 2 Windows 2008 R2 Servers on x64, controlled via RDP.

Server 1: Development enviroment

  • Using IIS (7.5)
  • A asp.NET based CMS website running on the IIS.
  • SQL Server (express)
  • A couple of "custom" services.
  • Some sort of smtp service
  • And possibly other stuff.

Server 2:Live server

  • Basic Windows 2008 R2 Setup with IIS.

How would one go about migrating/copying the development server to the live enviroment, in the easiest and most painless way?

I have tried using the server migration tool (smigdeploy) generating a package on the development server with the following syntax: - smigdeploy /package /architect amd64 /os WS08 /c:\migration (Note : I would like to use the /os WS08R2 parameter, but for some reason im only allowed to use the WS08 or WS03 parameters.) And I dont really know if this will do what I need.

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Can you clone from dev to live? For example... swap #1 to #2 and then clone the new #2 back to #1. basically swap dev to production, then mirror that production server back to dev. I didn't offer this as an answer as it's not a very clean solution and certainly not the best way to go. If you are doing dev, you'd probably want to use the docs for the changes and apply them to the live server. Then again, how much downtime can you have while updating/patching the prod server. –  MikeAWood Jan 14 '13 at 19:56
Are these virtual machines? I ask because you mention them being controlled by RDP. –  JohnThePro Jan 14 '13 at 22:33

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