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I'm looking for a hosting provider of IIS/ASP.NET sites that also allows access to Oracle databases (at a minimum they'd need to install the Oracle instant client plus Oracle ODBC drivers). Any ideas?

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I would truly suggest you to have a look at ASPHostDirectory. This host provides a truly flexible hosting and they would "probably" allow you to install Oracle db and Oracle ODBC driver in case you have a decent budget.

I personally have not hosted an Oracle database before, however, I do host RIA Service (Silverlight 3) application - a very NEW technology by Microsoft - with them. Initially, I would have to request them to install it and surprisingly, they do allow me to do so. I am excited to understand that they are very flexible when coming to "understand" the customer needs.

As long as the Oracle does not cause any issue to their server, I am almost positive that they will certainly give you a "go-ahead" :)

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I could offer you some recommendations but I would need a bit more information. compliance regulations? storage requirements? shared , dedicated or cloud?

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1. Compliance regulations are not an issue. 2. I wouldn't need much local storage, most of my stuff doesn't persist on the server (.pdf files before they are purged, code). Anything with a few GB, or more, would do fine. 3. I'd consider any of the 3 options. I'm looking at EC2 since then I could do whatever I want but paying ~$1,000 per year is a little much for me. – tmcallaghan Jul 28 '09 at 14:10

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