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I have Sharepoint 2010 application on a VM with 4GB RAM. There is no search crawl schedule setup on it. it runs smoothly during certain times of day however, whenever it feels like: the CPU usage hits 100%; the ASP Request Execution Time indicator flashes a warning; the Processor Queue Length indicator flashes a warning and the Memory indicator flashes a warning.

This is our dev environment. It has a SQL server and an App server on the farm. We've attached a piece of the production content db on this dev server.Clock speed is 2.53 Ghz. We've upped the RAM on the VM to 8GB on the dev box. Same warning messages. I was told that there could be a bottleneck somewhere. I dont see anything.

Sometimes, not a single warning is flashed.

I have been using Idera Sharepoint Manager

I have increased the cache limit and that seemed to alleviate the problem for a little while. We've also increased from 1 to 4 processors.

The warnings still appear during various times of day and these are not constant. I have cancelled out the probability of timer jobs slowing down the application.

Please help!

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