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Is there a way to remotely find out if a Windows Server (2003, 2008) has downloaded the Microsoft Windows updates and is just waiting for the user to confirm "Install Updates and Shutdown"?

I saw an excellent similar post, but it didn't specifically identify those updates where SHUTDOWN is required.


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Assuming you are using WSUS to manage windows update deployments there are a bunch of ways to find out which updates are needed and the status of each update. This example at the very bottom provides a detailed list of updates for a computer and their current status (Needed, Downloaded, Installed, etc.).

Secondly, you could create a PowerShell script to communicate with the PCs in your domain and find out if they are pending a reboot after installing updates.

Overview from MSDN about Pending Reboots

PowerShell Sample

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Thanks. I found a vbs script that identifies the "reboot" required already, and that works great. What I needed was identification of "Shutdown" required. Any ideas on that one? – user154534 Jan 15 '13 at 17:57

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