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I've been using linux servers for years, and always configured mail server without too much thinking, following online guides, etc. I know that postfix can have a virtual alias file, but after taking a look I found no guide using exclusively that.

I'm looking for a guide to configure a linux mail server (preferably with a debian-based linux) that would have pop, smtp AND imap that would have emails entirely configurable in a text file. (This is for the only purpose of simplicity)

Any suggestions?


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I found that so far: which seem to fit in my needs. – TomShreds Jan 15 '13 at 16:28

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Postfix architecture overview:
Postfix aliases:
Postfix local(8) MDA :
Postfix virtual aliases:

"Users"/"Mailboxes"/"Auhtentication" have more meaning in the context of the IMAP server; however, if you choose the right format (SQL-based, for example) you can re-use the same databases for both postfix and dovecot.

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