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I'm looking for a way to modify the body of a response created by some webserver to which I proxy my requests using Nginx:

server {
    listen   80;
    server_name localhost;

    location /myproject/ {
        > modify response from before sending

It's something like HttpSubModule but with an external program rather than simple text replacement. The modifying program is a Node.js webserver, so I thought about sending the response in a post request. But that's just a brief idea, every kind of approach is highly appreciated.

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I've always liked nginx's XSLT processor for jobs like those. Wrote a lengthy blog post on that last year, too - shameless plug: -- scroll down a bit to the XSLT part.

nginx's XSLT processor will also let you use data from other sources with the document function.

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A very promising approach. Thanks for the article. I'll have a closer look before accepting this as answer. – Sebastian vom Meer Jan 16 '13 at 10:11
Well, sadly it requires a bit of a knack for XSLT 1.0, which tends to scare people off, but it did seem relevant to your problem. Worst case it'll give you a new angle ;). – Magnus Jan 16 '13 at 10:14

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