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I'd like to know if it's possible on a debian machine to automatically setup the hosts file of every other computer on the network.

I'd like to be able to connect to the machine using a host name instead of the IP (ssh user@hostname instead of ssh user@, but I don't want to change manually all the hosts files on the other computers on the network. Is there a way to do it automatically ?

Thanks !

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You can setup a local DNS server and configure all your machines to use it. This way you don't need to edit hosts file on every machine whenever you add a new one or change its IP.

For automatically managing the configuration files, you can try configuration management software like puppet.

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Will do, thanks ! – Ping Jan 16 '13 at 12:18

You better to configure a local DNS server and a DHCP server.

Using DHCP server you can even supply the NameServer name each client should use.

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